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nerf wars




Kicks & Tricks


June 17-21

21 - 23

Karate Fun!

open to public


24 - 26

Weapons Camp




Little Ninjas

open to public



Booster Camp


open to public

All the dets

All camps: 9 am - 3 pm $150; $60 deposit

>>Campers bring their own lunches; EXCEPT-Cowabunga dude! on PIZZA FRIDAY! Campers bring $3 and we all have PIZZA!
We provide two snacks during the day, usually a fruit and some type of cracker along with lemonade to drink.

>>>NO ELECTRONICS during camp. If campers are here for before/after care they may use electronics at that time.

>>>BEFORE/AFTER CARE: $10/day ($5 per time slot)
Before is 7:30 am; After is until 5:30 pm
NOTE: no aftercare on Fridays. We're just tired.

>>>>We require 10 people to hold any camp. If we must cancel, refunds are given. ALL CAMPS ARE AT BATON ROUGE LOCATION EXCEPT LITTLE NINJAS.

karate fun camp
June 24-28

This specialty camp is all about FUN KARATE! Campers learn the basics of martial arts and do fun games and drills like - capture the flag, king of the ring; pay attention; octopus tag and ninja mountain. This games are fun and help reduce the "brain drain" kids can get during the summer.

  little ninjas
July 15-19

This camp is for ages 5-7 at our PRAIRIEVILLE location. This fun camp for our youngest martial artists keeps them busy the whole time they are there. Throughout the day, they have 30 min classes interspersed with fun activities. Children spend their time learning focus, listening skills, balance, team work and self respect. All in a fun atmosphere of games and learning.

  Booster camp July 29-Aug 2

This camp is open to the public! Been gone all summer? Want to get some skills really solid? Just want to see what karate is all about? This camp will do all of that plus you'll have lots of FUN! Work on basic skills in a relaxed atomosphere and spend time with your karate buddies.

  NERF WARS June 10-14

Kids have a BLAST at this camp. There are team games like Blaster Pad Tag, Quick Fire and Defend the Castle. Along the way, kids are learning lessons in team work, perseverance and courage. There are karate lesssons 2 times per day that also work on basic skills and build on the life skills. Campers should bring their own guns and darts.

  kicks & tricks June 17-21

This camp teaches the exciting new sport of tricking. Tricking is a training discipline that combines kicks with flips and twists from gymnastics and martial arts. Commonly called trickers, practitioners demonstrate such techniques as the 540 kick, the corkscrew, the flashkick, the butterfly twist and a cheat 540. It aims to achieve an aesthetic display of different combinations of “tricks”.

Whole Brain Learning


We balance whole brain learning with games that reinforce learning new things, keeping the brain active and flexible during the summer. Studies in Baltimore and Atlanta show that when skills are not used or reinforced they initially begin to decay at a rapid rate, but eventually slow. This means when kids stop using critical thinking skills those skills begin to deteriorate. One of the great benefits of American Family Martial Arts summer camps is that we are constantly engaging kid's decision making and critical thinking skills. Not only do we put them to work physically, but we also work them intellectually each and every class. This means that the intellectual skills that they develop in school are reinforced every day at AFMA!


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