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Do you want your child to have more confidence?

This PTO
after school karate program
can help with that

Parents tell American Family Martial Arts this is the #1 thing they wish their kids had more of -CONFIDENCE. As kids ages 7-12 participate in this 4 week course, parents will see a steady rise in their child’s self confidence. The kids just think they are having fun! 

EVERY week has a theme that ties in with our Done with Bullying course. Scroll down to see more details on each session. 

These classes are being taught by Master Instructor Michael Tullier, a 6th degree black belt and a school owner for over 25 years. 

At the end of the 4 weeks, we will have a graduation ceremony at the American Family Martial Arts location and every student will receive their white belt and get to break a board. Parents get to take pictures and learn about American Family Martial Arts age specific programs. 

What Can Karate Classes Teach My Child?


Karate develops confidence through constant small successes that are part of the American Family Martial Arts programs
Learn more about increasing confidence here: This month's life skill -confidence.


We Teach
Focus Your Eyes
Focus Your Mind
Focus Your Body


American Family Martial Arts students learn integrity as part our program and our monthly life skills. Learn more here: Integrity, Life Skill of the month

Martial arts is more than punching & kicking Children learn bully defense and character building

Introduction to Martial Arts: Week #1

This session introduces new students to the basics of martial arts: standing at attention, bowing, punching & blocking & kicking correctly.   This session’s theme is Intensity. Each session includes the Done with Bullying course. This first session focuses on What is Bullying

Basics of Karate: week #2

This session introduces new students to the basics of martial arts by building on what was covered in the previous week: standing at attention, bowing, punching & kicking.    This session’s theme is Control. The Done with Bullying course focuses on How to Deal with Bullying.

Beyond the basics of karate: week #3

This session continues to build on punching/blocking techniques and introduces some more challenging kicks.  This session’s theme is Courage. The Done with Bullying course focuses on How to Help Other’s Being Bullied. 

Review of cool things learned: week #4

This final session reviews what they’ve learned and prepares them for GRADUATION. At the graduation ceremony they earn their white belt and BREAK A BOARD. This is the chance for parents to see what they have learned and take pictures.  This session’s theme is Teamwork. The Done with Bullying course finishes with Being a Buddy. 


What Happens at Graduation?

AFMA female student testing

Students earn their white belt and get to break a board.

karate girls ages 7-12

Parents get to see what their children have learned & of course take pictures. (because if it's not on Instagram, it didn't happen!)

group mat chat

PIZZA!! and learn more about our great karate school and all American Family Martial Arts has to offer

all proceeds benefit the pto

CLICK the “register my child” button to pay online. 

If you prefer, you can pay with cash or checks. These should be turned in 3 days prior to the start of the session. Envelopes marked “PTO” can be given to the teacher. 

Lasalle elementary




LaSalle Elementary School Gym

Oct 18-Nov 8: Fridays only

3:30 pm-4:15 pm

Ages 7-12

Limit 30 kids per session