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Angela Clark Tripp reviewed American Family Martial Arts
via Facebook

This place is amazing! As an adult student never having been involved in any type of sports, I was scared. I have been a member almost two months now, and I have gained so much self confidence and many many self defense skills!!! They do not make you feel worthless, unskilled, or unqualified to be there. They welcome you with open arms, are friendly, encouraging, and make you feel like you are the most amazing, talented person in the world every time you walk out of class. I went there looking for friends and ended up gaining a family!!! I would highly recommend this place to anyone! It doesn’t matter your age, athletic ability, or skill level because you go at your own pace. You will get pushed at times only because they see the potential that you don’t, but when you complete the task... it feels amazing! I truly look forward to many more years of growing here!

Elise Hill reviewed American Family Martial Arts
via Facebook

Class was great because we tried new things. My favorite thing yesterday was playing the game and earning my star on my stripe.

Rachel Pantinople reviewed American Family Martial Arts
via Facebook

My son had gained so much self confidence after attending only 4 weeks of classes. His level of respect and discipline continues to increase as his training does. The instructors and staff are great with the kids and go above and beyond to make sure they know your child’s needs.

Amber Navarre Llewellyn reviewed American Family Martial Arts
via Facebook

Great group of folks running this business. My son loves coming to karate here. I've never seen him so excited about anything, and we've tried several sports and activities. Says a lot about AFMA. Very impressed with all of the instructors. They have patience and go the extra mile for those with special needs as well, making it possible for those individuals to participate like everyone else (just from my observations). That's one of the things I love about this place. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to try out karate. They make it a fun environment to learn.

John Buker reviewed American Family Martial Arts
via Facebook

They have the best teachers and, friendly service, and they can go with your schedule.

Pramodin Pradeep reviewed American Family Martial Arts
via Facebook

My son got confidence, overcome shy and is developing leadership qualities. He completed one year at American Family Martial Arts. Now he is in green belt. He loves karate and it's his passion. I recommend other parents also to join their kids to AFMA.

Lauri Liljeberg reviewed American Family Martial Arts
via Facebook

Mr. Foreman thought of an effective way to get the kids to think independently vs. following others. He gave them each different moves in Korean. We also like how he gives pneumonics for them to remember the words and actions. Evidently it's working and our girls are enjoying the classes very much!

Dee Gabrielle reviewed American Family Martial Arts
via Facebook

Visited yesterday! My son will begin lessons Tuesday! We are really excited and everyone there is so nice and they work so well with the kiddos. The instructors seem to really enjoy the kids, while teaching life skills.

Jessika Efferson reviewed American Family Martial Arts
via Facebook

My boys have been members of American Family Martial Arts for the past 3 years. It has been absolutely amazing for them.The instructors are knowledgeable and know how to work with students. The instructors not only make them better martial artists but also better people. My oldest son has special needs. SBN Tullier and Mr. Foreman have been great with him. They are patient when they need to be and understand my son's needs. Since my boys have been taking karate their anxiety level has lowered and their confidence has soared. It has been a pleasure to be part of the AFMA family.

Stacie Crake reviewed American Family Martial Arts
via Facebook

Mon son has gone got almost a year and he loves it. The instructors are greatand really know how to handle the kids. I definitely recommend it for beginners up!

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Our latest news & thoughts

How AFMA is keeping things clean and safe

UPDATE: Wed April 8 3:28 pm
the AFMA team has been incredibly busy everyday. We’ve been able to pivot our business structure literally in one day to provide recorded curriculum.
*On Tues & Fridays, In general, they start at 1:30 and tape until 5 or 6 pm on Tue & Fridays.
They are then uploaded to Youtube which can take 30+ minutes for Tigers-Extreme. After that -they are loaded to our secure website so students can access them at any time. Our web designer, Market Muscles, has been extronindary in updating the platform to enable American Family Martial Arts to provide a clear & easy way to access this material.
LIVE classes for stripe testing were added on Mondays & Wednesdays using the Zoom platform.
Friday mornings are for make up stripe testing or for a student that just needs a little 1-1 training.

UPDATE: TUESDAY MARCH 24, 2020 10:30 am
Had our first LIVE classes for stripe testing. Seemed to go GREAT!
*email sent about how to connect your TV for curriculum classes and LIVE classes
*posted in parent Facebook groups
and here!
AFMA – Live Training on your TV
We are working towards semi private lessons on Fridays. Trying to get that squared away.
Be well and EXERCISE! ~Jacky

We continue making videos for students to access online at home
Next week begins ZOOM stripe testing.
Please check your emails for instructions on this.
We hope to add some LIVE trial classes and self defense classes soon.

American Family Martial Arts is suspending face-face classes during the mandated government shutdown.
Classes are being filmed and uploaded for students & parents to participate and maintain normalcy during these uncertain times. Please watch your email for instructions on accessing these videos later today.

At this time all classes will continue as scheduled tonight.
We are currently filming and uploading stripe requirements for this week.
Like any other weather event that has hit Louisiana, this is a very fluid situation and things can change.

Keeping It Clean @ American Family Martial Arts

We are glad we can help out during this “cone of uncertainty.”
Let us all remember: WE GOT THIS. It’s nothing more than hurricane prep. We are waiting to see where the hurricane lands and that is always an anxious time.
On the plus side: we aren’t going to deal with physical destruction!
This is a VERY fluid situation for the next several days.

>>We will hold an emergency day camp on Monday March 16 from 9am-3pm. This is ONLY for AFMA students and their siblings. This restriction is to help prevent transmission of the Coronavirus.
**$35 for the day
**At BATON ROUGE location only  (updated 3/14/20, 9:40 am)
**Ages 5 and up
**Please bring lunch AND a snack. (Due to lack of supplies at stores, we just can’t find anything)
**Uniforms not required
**We will have to gauge the need to find out if we are holding camps the rest of the week.

>>>Ice cream social for star students proceeds as scheduled: 4-5 pm in Baton Rouge
>>>Traditional and black belt testing proceeds as scheduled. (We’ve all been around each other closely in the last 10 days, so if someone is transmitting, the deed is done. )

We are monitoring the coronavirus news closely, and we want to keep all of our students and families safe. Here are the current recommendations for reducing the risk of transmission:

*If you are sick -STAY HOME. This is true all year long. General guidelines: fever and vomiting free for 24 hours without medicine. 

*Wash hands diligently. Make it fun! Wet your hands, apply soap, and recite
    ABC song
    Star Trek opening monologue   
    Count to 20 in Korean

*Practice good respiratory hygiene. Cough and sneeze into your sleeve, not into your hands.

* Avoid shaking hands with people. Fortunately, we have another way to show respect for our partners and instructors: the traditional bow. Right now we are lessening our high five’s and doing the elbow bumps or fist bumps.

*We already do this!! Take your shoes off and leave them at the door. This practice, which originated in Asian cultures, increases the cleanliness of homes and our business. Dirt and germs from streets, parking lots and playgrounds are left in the cubbies. 

We have hand sanitizer at the front counter, and we are working on getting more of it. (As you probably know, supplies are low everywhere.) We also have disinfectant wipes. 

We already clean and sanitize the school on a regular basis. This includes wiping equipment, door handles and spraying disinfectant DAILY. Chairs and benches are sprayed with disinfectant. The mats are thoroughly vacuumed every day. On weekends, the mats are mopped and disinfected again.

We will continue to monitor this situation like we do weather events. We are exploring some online learning and will know more about that in the next few days.

American Family Martial Arts believes that in frightening times, it is important for kids to maintain as much consistency as possible, within reason. While we recognize the seriousness of this virus, we also recognize that remaining healthy and physically fit is an important way to ensure a healthy immune system.  Our goal is to employ practices that reduce risk while focusing on educating our students with empathy and compassion so they can balance their emotions with logic and information.

We encourage all of our members to be as educated as possible and to get your information from reputable sources.  We should all endeavor to be as prepared as possible without becoming paranoid.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact any member of the AFMA team.
***[email protected] OR 225.272.KICK (5425)



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